"I simply missed a horse..."

* Without notice of cancellation, at least 24 hours before the agreed time is non-refundable and the service is considered used
*If the delay is more than 10 minutes, the service is provided for the corresponding delay time, shorter. For delays of more than 20 minutes, the service is also considered used and the money is non-refundable.
*We allow people weighing up to 90kg to ride on our horses.
Personal lesson - 40€
4 riding lessons - 120€/1 month.
8 riding lessons - 180€/1month.
12 riding lessons - 220€ /1month.

Adult celebrations with horses - from 200€ 

Tour in nature 40 minutes - 30€  (1 person)
Tour in nature 50 minutes (advanced riders only) - 50€  (1 person)
Swimming in river with horses - 35€ (1 person)

Children celebrations with horses - from 200€ 

Personal, couple, theme photo sessions - from 100€ to 300€ (price depends on chosen photographer. You can find them in                                                 column Partners

Horse rent for your celebrations & transporting them to your               place from 300€ (price combined individually).  You can choose your favourite horse in column  Our horses